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Welcome to our comprehensive suite of legal services tailored to meet your unique needs. With a steadfast commitment to excellence and a wealth of experience spanning over 30 years, Balram Singh is dedicated to providing you with expert guidance and support across a range of practice areas. From navigating intricate legal matters to securing your rights and interests, we are your trusted partners on your journey to resolution. Explore our diverse offerings and find the assurance you seek in your legal pursuits.

Criminal Cases

If you're facing criminal charges, our dedicated legal team is here to protect your rights and provide a strong defense. We handle a wide range of cases, from misdemeanors to serious felonies, and work diligently to achieve the best possible outcome for your situation.

Civil Cases

Committed to delivering personalized legal solutions that prioritize your unique needs, we uphold an unwavering dedication to excellence and ethical practices. Our goal is to effectively resolve your civil matters, such as Property Disputes, Business Litigation, Contract Disputes, etc. empowering you to move forward with confidence.

Business Law

Navigating the complexities of business law is crucial for your company's success. Our skilled attorneys offer comprehensive legal solutions to help you with contract negotiations, business formation, intellectual property matters, and more.

Family Law

When facing family-related legal matters, such as divorce, child custody, or adoption, our compassionate team provides guidance and support during emotionally challenging times. We work to protect your interests and ensure the best outcomes for you and your loved ones.

NRI Consultation and Cases

Catering to the needs of NRI clients who often cannot attend court physically, we prioritize transparency and reliability. We ensure best-in-class legal services with virtual consultations via Google Meet, Zoom, or WhatsApp, addressing concerns and offering updates on court proceedings and case strategies.

Legal Diversity

Our services extend far beyond the mentioned areas. With three decades of experience, Balram Singh has successfully navigated a diverse array of legal challenges. This rich expertise empowers us to tackle an extensive range of cases, ensuring your unique needs find the comprehensive solutions they deserve.

What Our Clients Say

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Gautam Kumar, Govt. Officer

"Balram Singh's deep knowledge of the law, combined with his compassionate approach, truly set him apart. He not only guided me through a complex legal matter but also genuinely cared about my well-being. I'm grateful for his exceptional representation."
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